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GM:Zhu Jigang 


DGM:Ali Abdel Rahman

 Khartoum Refinery Company (KRC), as a Sino-Sudan joint venture business, has always been embedding our focus into HSE philosophy --- Safety First, Environment Priority and People-oriented. We aim at establishing an environmentally friendly enterprise in pursuit of a goal of “Zero Accident, Zero Injury and Zero Pollution”. Meanwhile, we actively participated in disaster relief, poverty alleviation and other public welfare undertakings. With regard to corporate economic and social responsibilities, we also laid great attentions. In addition, make it possible for local residents to take advantages of KRC’s development.


(KRC) is a joint venture company between Ministry of Energy & Mining of Sudan (MEM) and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) with share of 50% for each partner.
The Agreement for the establishment of the joint venture was signed on 1st March 1997, execution started on 26th May 1998 and the Refinery started production on 16th May 2000.
The objective of establishing KRC is to process Sudanese indigenous crude oil to cover the needs of Sudan petroleum products. ....



G  M:Zhu Jigang 
DGM:Ali Abdel.rahman

PDM:Dong Yuming 
        Nabigh M. Bakheet    
TDM:Hassan Hussein
         Li Chao 
MDM:Yin Chengjun
         Ala EL Dein Fath R. 
ADM:Mubarak A. Rhman 
F   C:Tang Jinglun


 Laying much stress on promotion of Chinese and Sudanese traditional virtues, KRC encourages the employees at all times to establish a positive atmosphere of trust ,collaboration and respect between each other wherever at workplace or in social lives. And also intensifies Sino-Sudan friendship in deep further. During the course of pursuing long-range mutual development and serving social goals,a corporate culture towards“cooperation, exchange, initiative and harmony”is forming in the company.


On March 1, 1997 CNPC and MEM signed the General Agreement for the
Establishment of a Joint Venture Refinery Company.
On July 22, 1997 Khartoum Refinery Company Ltd. was officially
On May 26, 1998 KRC kicked off the civil work.
On May 16, 2000 the refinery was formally put into operation, with a
production capacity of 2.5 Million T/A.