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RFCC Shut down and Handed over Successfully
At 10:00am on 26th Feb., RFCC Unit was smoothly handed over to Contractors after 5-day shutdown and purging.
In order to realize smooth shutdown and full-scale purging during this stage, a new shutdown scheme was composed by Mr. Liu Xiangpu, Section Head of RFCC, as well as RFCC engineers once again, which is suitable for the unit recent running situation; some operators come back early from vacation; some operators postponed their vacation and all RFCC staff gathered to study the new shutdown scheme to ensure that everyone should know what to do during shutdown. They kept been in good spirit and always worked overtime until mid-night for 6-day shutdown and purging even though they were pretty tired. Finally, they realized 揌ydrocarbon Free in the Unit?
Through hard working, the shutdown and purging were finished16 hours ahead of the last shutdown, which has made a good start for successful overhaul.
(By Wang Weiran and Liu Xiangpu)