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Inspection of the State Minister of Ministry of Petroleum of Sudan on KRC’s overhaul activity
Photographed and reported by Sean (Su Nanyang)
Translated by zhang Shu
In the morning of March 31, 2011, Mr. Ali Ahmed Osman, state minister of Ministry of Petroleum of Sudan (MOP) inspected the major overhaul activity of Khartoum refinery Co. Ltd. (KRC) together with Mr. Dr. Omer Mohamed Kheir, Secretary General of MOP.
Mr. Zhao Yujun, general manager of KRC and Mr. Ali Abdel Rahman, KRC deputy general manager reported to them the progress of KRC overhaul. Mr. Ali Ahmed Osman was very pleased to hear that the 1.8 MT/A RFCC unit has already been put under its startup procedure and is expected to start the LPG production of 750 tons/day after 5 days; he spoke highly and gave full recognition to achievements has made in this overhaul so far.
And then Mr Ali Ahmed Osman visited the first control room and the overhaul field. In the first control room, Mr. Azim, deputy director of KRC production division, reported the startup situation and the work plan for next step. Standing before the RFCC startup network chart, Mr.Ali Ahmed Osman checked the main control points on it with interest.
Mr. Ali Ahmed Osman required all KRC staff, on the premise of safety and quality, to do its best in realizing a normal production in its old units as early as possible to restore supply of oil products to markets, especially LPG supply. During his visit, Mr.Ali Ahmed Osman spoke to the local media following his visit and he announced the specific startup time of the refinery and explained the measures adopted by MOP to maintain the oil supply of the local market to expel concerns over stability of the oil market in Sudan.
At the end of his visit, on behalf of the Ministry of Petroleum, Mr. Ali Ahmed Osman wished the Year 2011 major overhaul of KRC a complete success.