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RFCC Completes the Overhaul Tasks

Reported by Sean (Su Nanyang), Translated by Yang Bin

On the afternoon of April 4th 2011, at 18:58 the reactor successfully spays oil in RFCC and the unit starts producing oil products at midnight, which marks that the Original Plant fully complets the 2011 overhaul 7 days ahead of the plan.

Prior to 2011 overhaul, the results of South Sudan referendum have just announced. Meanwhile, the Sudan government set about implementing new economic policy.  Current unrest situation sends customer price soaring. It is spring time now in Sudan that fierce wind, sand storm and hotness sweep willfully across the whole nation. However, Sudanese and Chinese employees in RFCC unit work together and struggle against unfavorable social and natural factors. Lots of great achievements have been made:    

1. To examine facilities and eliminate potential hazards.  We clean and maintain 14 columns, 40 drums and 60 heat-exchangers. In addition, numerous equipment has been replaced, for instance, 10 heat-exchangers, nearly 600 valves, expansion joints of three cyclone inlet, quick closing valve of 2nd regenerator’s inlet and related 4 pieces of flanges. Besides, newly installs a 15-layer column tray, handles 19 latent items, calibrates 80 safety valves, repaires and restores vessel lining around 100 square meters;

2. To execute technical reconstruction and safeguarded the smooth and long term operation. We replaces the pipeline of three cyclone outlet by-bass,installs new slurry pipeline to the column and flow gauges including KPC LPG’s and about 3500-meter fresh water pipelines;  

3. To clarify the reasons that raw material changes influenced the units. After crude oil from Block 6 enters into operation units, its application affects catalysts, products distribution and quality, and related equipment. Thus, this facilitates units to conduct an earlier investigation and propose the immediate countermeasures.

4. To mitigate the tense situation of the demand for the oil products due to advance completion of overhaul. By comparison with plan, the units respectively commence overhauling and fulfill the tasks one day and eight days ahead of prior schedule. Since KRC already began to provide oil products to the local market, it eliminates the customers’ concerns promptly with regard to stably supply LPG and other oil products. 

5. To train local staff to enrich their work experiences. Along with acceleration of localization process, more and more Sudanese involves themselves in some of the important overhaul tasks.

As a key unit and one of the crucial elements of this overhaul, full completion and successful re-startup at RFCC lay a solid foundation for the final success of whole refinery. In addition, this also sets a good example for the rest tasks and greatly boosts the morale of the employees and makes a great contribution for KRC.