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Great Success –Eight Days ahead of Work Schedule

Reported by Yang Bin(AD), Sean (Su Nanyang)

On April 28, 2011 at 8:00am, 1.2 MT/A GDHT attains the full capacity in accordance with designer’s requirement and delivers on-specification products. It implies that the last operational unit of refinery finishes their 2011 Overhaul tasks and wins a final triumph.
This overhaul totally lasts about 67 days and advances 8 days ahead of previous schedule, i.e. May 6.

KRC meets all HSSE targets “Zero Accident, Zero Injury and Zero Pollution” whenever at the stage of shutdown, overhaul or re-startup. During this period of time, KRC completes a great deal of tasks summed 3,400 items. Amongst these tasks, 43 items associate with technical reconstruction and equipment upgrading. A third party conducts a professional equipment inspection and handles 96 items of potential hazards. This lays a solid foundation for a safe and smooth running of next production cycle.

The contractors from CPECC, No.2 Company, Lanzhou Petrochemical Maintenance co., Fushun Petrochemical Engineering co. and Lanzhou Petrochemical Special Equipment Inspection Center, etc. all attaches high importance to this overhaul. In the course of execution, above five Chinese contractors with 879 employees, 132 from local contractors and 71 service technicians from 6 countries attend the various tasks covering 10 sets of production units and 12 utility units in succession.

2011 Overhaul, by comparison with past practices, has the distinctive features of the heaviest workload, the toughest construction and the tightest work schedule. KRC employees together with contractors bravely confront such complex social and natural circumstances, co-operated each other closely and strives to endure countless hardships and eventually achieve the success. 

This is the fifth overhaul in KRC history and the second time to adopt “half shutdown, half operation” overhaul mode since 2008. With the help of interactive collaboration and self-denial spirit, KRC staff constantly challenges the limits and fulfills the desired effect in the end. It not only examines the equipment but also eliminates the potential hazards. In addition, it has also been very helpful to safeguard a safe and long term running of facilities through implementation of technical reconstruction. Certainly, we obtain the first-hand data and comprehensive understanding of impacts influenced by crude changes to the equipment. Last but not least, advancing the schedule of overhaul eases the tense situation of local market towards the provision of oil products.

KRC enters into the 6th operational circle today that is also the 3,999th day to maintain safe and smooth operation traced back to May 16, 2000, the initial startup of the refinery. And tomorrow, April 29, will be another remarkable milestone, the 4,000th day.