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KRC Is 11 Years Old!

Reported by Sean (Su Nanyang), Translated by zhang Shu, Confirmed by Trifi

May 16th, the production anniversary date of KRC. From the Sudanese club to the production area, flags are flying and slogans are put up today, KRC is celebrating its birthday, the 11th anniversary of its production.

Over the past 11 years, KRC has developed into a full-fledged refinery from scratch by overcoming various difficulties and hardships, and it grows into a strong young man from a care-craving baby.

In this 11-year period,KRC people composed a splendid poem of friendship between Chinese and Sudanese hand in hand under a spirit of cooperation and assistance;KRC played an active role in Sudan's rapid economic development.

Also these 11 years witnessed an increasing improvement in the living standard of Sudanese people; Roads become wider, cars become more commonly possessed, cities become more and more beautiful.

In the coming days, KRC is destined to realize more dreams and expectances.