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Pagan Amum : Khartoum, Juba Agree on Resuming Pumping Oil


Khartoum (SMC)
Khartoum and Juba have reached an urgent understanding to accelerate implementation of the cooperation deal signed last September    between the two counties in Addis Ababa, southern Sudan senior negotiator Pagan Amum told reporters Sunday in Khartoum. Accordingly Southern Sudan first consignment of crude oil will be set for transit via Sudan pipelines to Port Sudan harbor in red sea for export in three weeks time, said Amum. Southern Sudan senior negotiators, who concluded two days official visit to Sudan, said in press news at his country's embassy premises in Khartoum that talks with
Sudanese officials resulted in fair implementation of cooperation deal particularly on security and oil. He predicts a breakthrough on bilateral relations between Khartoum and Juba as tangible result of implementing cooperation deal in upcoming days.  Amum told reporters that he delivered a message to President Omar AL Bashir from his southern Sudan counterpart Salva kir. He said AL Bashir reacted by saying" Will work in cooperative spirit with Salva kir in favor the two nations' prosperity."
                                                                             Extracted: Trifi E. Ahmed