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CNN co-founder Robert Wussler dies

17:51, June 13, 2010  Source: Xinhua

Robert Wussler, a co-founder of CNN and a president of CBS Television, has died at his home in Westport, Conn., according to media reports Sunday.

73-year-old Wussler died on June 5 after a long illness, spokesman Arthur Sando said.

The TV executive had presided over the CBS network at his 40 and later co-founded CNN with Ted Turner.

At CBS News, Wussler produced thousands of hours of programming, gaining a reputation for innovation in covering such seminal events as the assassinations and funerals of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.; Richard Nixon's historic trip to China in 1972; presidential campaigns, conventions and elections; and the U.S. space program, including Neil Armstrong landing on the moon in 1969, according to Hollywood Reporter reports.

Wussler's received six Emmy Awards in his long career in television.

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