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State Minister at Ministry of Oil Received Delegation of Swiss Petroleum Company [2011.03.01]
RFCC Shut down and Handed over Successfully [2011.03.01]
China Writes Off Partial Debt on Sudan [2010.12.19]
Taha: Securing Oil Fields was agreed upon by Two Partners [2010.12.09]
Taha Affirms Government Commitment to Secure Chinese Investments in Sudan [2010.12.06]
North Sudan oil production to reach 110,000 bpd before year end: official [2010.11.28]
State Minister of MOP Mr. Ali Ahmed Osamn's Visit [2010.11.07]
The Impression of KRC First Chinese Language Course [2010.07.18]
The Opening of New Domain Name for KRC Email [2010.06.20]
The overhaul materials preparations of KRC in 2011 are going well [2010.06.19]
CNPC First Oversea Refinery Celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the First Productio.. [2010.06.19]
KRC Utility Department convened the chinese staff meeting [2010.06.16]
CNPC in Sudan [2010.06.16]
The Symposium Held by KRC and China University of Petroleum [2010.06.16]
The first oil refining technology forum was held in KRC [2010.06.16]
Sour Water Stripping Unit Carried Out Vocational Training for the Staff [2010.06.14]
CNPC Holds Strong Competitions in Arabic and Chinese [2010.06.14]
The incinerator of the Sour Water Stripping Unit was lighted [2010.06.13]
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