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                                                                                                            Website Management regulation
      1 General
  KRC website is a window of displaying the figure of the refinery. Through the website, the outside people can know us and our refinery,and  we can use the website to communicate with each other. In order to strengthen the management of the website and ensure its smooth running, this regulation is specially stipulated.


2 Applicable Range
This regulation is applicable for the internet website management of KRC, including English version and Chinese version.


3 Management Committee
Head: Technical Division Managers 
Member: IT Center, Administration Dept., TE Dept., HSE Dept., HR Dept.


4 Responsibility Divisions
 4.1 Head of the committee is responsible for the overall management and coordination of the website.
 4.2 IT Center is responsible for the technical management and maintenance of the website and topics “Home”,“About us”,“BBS”and   “E-mail”
 4.3 Administration Department is responsible for the topics “News center”and “Communication &Cooperation”.
 4.4 TE Department is responsible for the topic “Products and Service”
 4.5 HSE Department is responsible for the topic “HSE”.
 4.6 HR Department is responsible for the topic “Career”.


5 Management Content and method
 5.1 The topics’ contents of the website shall be updated timely.
 5.2 The relevant departments shall assign 1 or 2 engineers for the website management.
 5.3 All departments in KRC shall cooperate with each other, and provide necessary and enough information for others.
 5.4 Updating of news: all news shall be sent to administration department, after checked and approved by administration department manager, the news can be released on the website.
 5.5 Updating of the topics: when the contents are necessary to be updated, they should be confirmed and signed on paper by the relevant department managers before the contents are sent to IT center for updating.
 5.6 All staff are welcome to contribute news happened around us or provide news about petroleum industry from other media.
 5.7 Except dirty and violent language, all staff are welcome to login BBS to communicate with each other about production, technology, company management and living, etc.


6 Incentive Policy
 6.1 For the excellent member of the committee will be given a bonus of 100-300US$ for each 3 months.
 6.2 If one news manuscript written by KRC staff is adopted by the website, the writer will be given 20-30 US$ bonus.
 6.3 If one news manuscript from other media is adopted by the website, the supplier will be given 10-20 US$ bonus.
 6.4 In each quarter, the top 3 of the ranking for sending messages on BBS of English and Chinese will be given 100-300 US$ bonus.


7 Effective Date
  The regulation will be implemented from April 1, 2010.

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